Space Time Trumpet


Inspired by the technical illustrations that are used to explain how the space time continuum works. I was looking for a scientific explanation or diagram of space time as a spark for the Bending Time & Space brief for the show and but kept of returning to the Space Time model. Something about its conical shape and wireframe that I thought I could use.
I toyed back and forth for a while to no avail looking for something until I noticed it resembled a trumpet or horn, then I remembered the TV show Time Trumpet and so the two ideas collided to give you the final product. A spaceman playing a trumpet that can make sound travel through time and space.
Thats make sense right?

Each print 330mm x 483mm (13 x 19 inches)
Giclee Print
Sommerset 208gsm 100% Cotton Rag,
10-color Canon Lucia Pigment Inks

Created by Guy McKinley

Limited to just 10

aprox. £21 per print
aprox. €25 per print

Posters are shipped worldwide from the UK

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